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Anti-Virus Solutions

anti virus solutions, avast anti-virus softwareHere at e-Media we provide both software and hardware solutions to Virus protection. 

Software Solutions:

Hardware Solutions:

  • SonicWall Complete Anti-Virus Appliance
  • Microsoft ISA server
  • Watchguard Firewall

Why do you need anti-virus software?

One of the most dangerous characteristics of the new and more powerful strains of viruses is their ability to spread without human intervention. Traditional viruses typically required some human intervention in order to spread, such as sending an infected file to another user, or opening an e-mail attachment to trigger the propagation.computer repair, computer recovery, virus removal

Nimda is an example of the new, more powerful virus strains spreading across the Internet. This virus injected malicious text into each .exe file on the system; escalated the privilege level of the guest account; created readable and writeable network shares; made numerous registry changes; and interjected script code into html files, etc. Cleanup of a Nimda type virus becomes difficult because the damage is permeated throughout the entire network infrastructure.  

Recovering from a virus is more expensive then preventing a virus attack.  Anti-Virus programs scan both email and network traffic ensuring that your system does not get infected.  New virus are created daily and you need to be ready to protect your office or home from them at all times.

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